An important disclaimer

So my previous post was impromptu and how appreciative and encouraging have you all been! I am so grateful.

Impromptu, because I had actually planned first few posts for the blog. But then the day and all related emotions kind-of took over 🙂 

So here’s what was planned for last week!

I have to put this disclaimer and set the record straight before I start anything. I am no expert in finance, yet.  I am an expert in “how to lose your money”! Seriously.

I have been so stupid with my money, that it has become funny now. I have been broke, duped, borrowed money and even went 10 days with just Rs 1500 in my account. And no, this is not some ‘10 years ago’ story. This is recent. I am 32 years old.

Also, I am not at all proud of how I have mistreated money. I have learned to laugh at myself but please don’t misunderstand the (sometime) casual tone in my articles with my attitude. I don’t treat money casually anymore. In fact, I am so serious about it now that my husband has started doubting my loyalty to him.  

I am learning on the go and will be sharing what I am doing. But this in no way is a recommendation. It is a personal opinion and when I share name of some funds/investment instruments, I am NOT recommending anyone to follow it. Anything I want to recommend will be explicitly mentioned as recommendation.

I do want to share all my money mistakes, that’s the very point of me writing this thing. But let me figure out how I want to share it. Till then, you should know that I have tripped enough to know the potholes now. And even though you may never walk that path, I am on a mission to put danger signs for the greater good.

This also shall be a place for all those people to write who have a story to share. Also for those who want to write often but may not be regular enough to maintain a blog. That’s my tribe yo!

That’s why this is an open platform, so everyone keeps the feed coming as and when they want, for this thing to run. 

You can simply proceed to submit here or you can mail me your submission at . Author it or go anonymous, do it the way you are most comfortable with. Don’t worry about how you write. What you have to say is more important than how it is said. 

You can write to me your money mistakes, your personal finance journey, your weird money habits, your budgeting techniques, how money is handled in your marriage, money in relationships, credit cards, loans, student debt, first salary etc etc…you get the drift right?

For all women out there who are in financial services, I would love to host your stories too. Idea is simple – let’s start dialogue about money, let’s break the super secrecy around it.

P.S : Today, a friend asked me, “what is the essence of this blog?”

I reckon this one fits the bill.